LECO Carbon Analysis Testing

In many industrial and manufacturing applications, a precise elemental composition is necessary for optimized performance and product longevity. Depending upon your project requirements, SGS MSi Testing & Engineering uses chemical and mechanical test methods to determine the composition of your metal or alloy sample.

Utilizing state-of-the-art LECO instrumentation, SGS MSi’s experienced engineering team offers carbon analysis for metal and alloy samples. The LECO system requires only a nominal sample weight, and analysis involves oxidizing the sample material using an induction furnace. During the combustion process, carbon is converted to CO2 and measured with an infrared detector. Through this innovative technique, SGS MSi engineers can accurately determine the carbon content of any provided metal or alloy.

LECO Determinator Testing

Meeting the tightest turnarounds (from next day to same day), our team specializes in metallurgical chemical analysis. Delivering precision results for every sample, SGS MSi engineers lead the industry in metal failure testing, metal chemical analysis, weld testing services, and more. We proudly partner with the energy & power, manufacturing, aerospace, transportation, marine and heavy equipment industries, and quality control is our number one priority.

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