LECO Nitrogen Analysis

In many industrial and manufacturing settings, a precise metal or alloy composition is required for optimized performance and product longevity. Depending upon your project-specific needs, the SGS MSi Testing & Engineering team uses mechanical and chemical testing methods to determine the composition of your metal or alloy sample.

To ensure accuracy, SGS MSi relies on state-of-the-art LECO technology to provide nitrogen analysis for steel, iron, nickel and cobalt alloys. Delivering elemental results quickly and precisely, LECO’s Nitrogen Determinator is designed for nominal sample weights. Using inert gas fusion techniques, LECO’s field-proven instrumentation allows our industry-leading metallurgical engineers to accurately determine the nitrogen content of any metal or alloy.


LECO Nitrogen Testing

Meeting same and next-day turnarounds when time is of the essence, SGS MSi specializes in chemical analysis, mechanical analysis, weld testing and metal failure testing. We have the largest metallurgical staff in the U.S., and each team member is committed to client-focused support throughout every project phase. Partnering with the manufacturing, heavy equipment, energy & power, aerospace, transportation, and marine sectors, quality control is our number one priority.

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