Metallurgical Reverse Engineering Services

The Engineering Department of SGS MSi is frequently requested to determine the metallurgical and chemical characteristics of components from a broad range of industries submitted by clients that want to reproduce the product without knowing critical and necessary information. A standard evaluation would include chemical testing and identification of AISI, ASTM, or SAE material grade. Visual and metallographic (microstructure) examination of a component to determine manufacturing method, which includes cast, hot forged, hot or cold rolled, stamped, extruded, or sintered methods. Heat treatment condition of the component would also be determined. Some of the typical conditions vary from annealed, normalized, quenched and tempered, austempered, gas carburized, nitrocarburized, flame hardened, and induction hardened. Mechanical testing of products would include tensile, Charpy impact, and hardness testing to verify any supplied specification requirements.

A detailed engineering report will be provided to identify the material grade, the method of manufacturing, heat treatment condition, and mechanical properties as necessary based on the findings.


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