Aluminum Clamp FailureWhen you say, “I need a failure analysis.” We know a little something about that. As an expert in the field of failure analyses, we understand what needs to be done and we get answers to your important questions. That is why Failure Analysis Investigations are different at SGS MSi, our goal is to:

  •     Solve Problems
  •     Deliver Answers
  •     Provide Meaningful Recommendations

It is our job to ensure that you receive vital information that makes sense to you and the intended receivers. For this reason, we have developed our Failure Analysis test reports to be:

  •     Straight Forward
  •     On Time
  •     Within Budget


Metallurgical Failure Testing


SGS MSi’s professional staff has 8 degreed metallurgical engineers with various industrial backgrounds and expertise. Our failure analysis experts are supported by a large 33,000 sq. ft. facility – including a 7,000 sq. ft. machine shop, SEM/EDS, a full microscopy lab with two Clemex image analysis microscopes, OES, ICP and LECO equipped chemistry lab. The laboratory is staffed by 49 full-time employees on two shifts. Our size and diversity allows us to also perform high volume routine metallurgical testing in addition to specialized failure analysis projects. Specific areas of specialty are:

  • Corrosion Failure Analysis
  • Metal Failure Analysis
  • Pipeline Failure Analysis
  • Wellhead Component Failure Analysis
  • Welding Failure Analysis (CWI on staff)
  • Fastener Failure Analysis
  • Heat Exchanger Failure Analysis
  • Fossil & Nuclear Power Plant Experience

Our failure analysis test reports are documented with photographs that chronicle each step of the project as well as all critical evidence that supports the root cause conclusions. We are known for providing concise statements concerning the cause of the failure and what also was not found. It is important to answer the questions that your client’s customer is asking. This can put closure to the back and forth dialogue of the root cause. We also offer video conference capability to review the report draft, ensure all background is accurate, all your questions are answered and you accept the final product. These conferences allow all members of the project to provide input and correspondence. Our goal is to provide a complete and accurate analysis of your material with a clear and concise conclusion. Our engineering staff will help you toward investigative resolution on your failure analysis.