Failure investigations always start out with the same questions: 

What was the root cause?

Why did it fail?

Where is the origin?

What happened?

Failure InvestimationsAll these questions take us on the starting path to the answers. We are your guide and advisor during your investigation, offering you opinions and conclusions based on the facts and conditions we observe.

Your project is given priority and assigned a degreed engineer who will be available throughout your investigation. Approachability and an open level of communication sets our engineers apart from the other labs.
Metallurgical Failure Analysis

Our team of nine engineers offers expertise in materials evaluation. Real world experience in the manufacturing and fabrication of materials provides the knowledge you need for your investigation project.

Reports are easy to read and written in a 'conclusion first' format. This initial summary of the investigation gets to the heart of the matter. discussion the opinion of your project with supporting documentation to follow. Each investigative report includes all testing data, photographs and conclusive statements. We offer GoToMeeting® availability to discuss your reports with other professionals involved in your investigation.

Fracture Analysis

Investigations at SGS MSi are a team effort.  Expertise in materials testing along with sales support provides our customers with the highest level of customer service.

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Corrosion Analysis

As an expert in the field of failure analyses we understand what needs to be done and we get answers to your important questions.

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