Titanium Alloy Analysis Testing

While applications are limited due to material cost, titanium alloys are widely used in the transportation, aerospace, medical and dental, power generation, construction, and manufacturing industries. Titanium alloys are known for their high tensile strength and corrosion resistance, and composition may include aluminum, nitrogen, oxygen, hydrogen, iron and other elements. SGS MSi’s chemical analysis methods determine (1) whether your titanium alloy sample complies with industry standards, and (2) whether it will perform as expected in real-life applications.

With over 25 years experience in metallurgical testing, SGS MSi uses state-of-the-art tools in its large metallurgical lab. Depending upon your needs and budget, our team of degreed engineers is capable of performing these tests and processes:


Titanium Chemical Testing

During chemical analysis of titanium alloys, it is our goal to determine the reliability and performance of the supplied metal. Our engineering team also determines whether titanium alloys (1) contain structural flaws, (2) can withstand harsh environments, and (3) will be negatively impacted by manufacturing processes.

SGS MSi’s metallurgical lab can also conduct corrosion testing, failure testing, and product safety testing for your alloy or metal sample. Upon completion of the chemical analysis, you will receive an easy-to-understand evaluation of all testing results. To request titanium alloy testing to ASTM or other standards, or to inquire about pricing for your project, call 708.343.3444. You may also reach us through our simple contact form.

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