Fastener Proof Load Testing

A proof load test consists of stressing the product with a specified load that the product must withstand without measurable permanent set (Method 1 - Length Measurement). The load that is used to stress the fastener is specific to the size, and grade/property class.


Accredited Specifications

Test Method

  • ASTM F606/F606M


Test Method/Material and Property Requirements

  • ISO 898-1
  • ISO 898-2
  • SAE J429
  • SAE J995
  • SAE J1199

Fastener testing allows you to determine the mechanical properties of externally and internally threaded fasteners, washers, direct tension indicators, and rivets. Testing may consist of a machined specimen or a full-size product. The type of fastener testing that will be described below applies to a full-size product testing. Fastener testing is not applicable to all. The head design, shank thickness, and product length can determine if the testing is required of the product.


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