Metallurgical Laboratory Machining Capabilities

SGS MSi is equipped with a 10,000 square foot fully capable machine shop. The department runs two shifts that process the growing demand of our customers. Our company takes pride in its safety culture, as is apparent with a quick glance into the shop. We continue to run a safe and efficient environment, where our team can provide excellent customer service and fast turnaround. Samples are entered into our customized order entry system and sent out into the labs. Each order is maintained with a unique lab number that is bar-coded and tracked throughout the facility. Material in the machine shop is directed to the correct sectioning equipment and expert personnel.


Metallurgical Machining Shop Capabilities

Our machine shop is capable of preparing specimens from samples as large as 25” diameter, all the way down to foil sheet. We cut, mill, grind and manually prepare your specimens in accordance with your specification. If special requirements are needed, please indicate on your provided test request form. This form assists us in determining the exact process services for your material.

The following is a sample list of our machine shop equipment and capabilities:

  • 12 Band Saws (Up to 25” in diameter)
  • 7 Conventional and Blanchard Type Grinders
  • 4 Four Axis Milling Centers
  • 3 Three Axis CNC Lathes
  • 1 Manual Lathe
  • 12 Furnaces (up to 1900*F)
  • Jominy Water Quench System
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