In compliance with ASTM, ISO and other industrial specifications, SGS MSi’s degreed engineering team performs metal tensile testing to meet expedited scheduling requirements. Fundamental to mechanical metal testing, tensile testing determines how your sample will react to applied force.

During metal tension tests, we subject your metal or alloy sample to uniaxial tension until the point of failure. This metal strength testing is used to assess:

  • Ultimate tensile strength
  • Peak stress
  • Yield strength
  • Reduction of area
  • Elongation
  • Ductility


Metal Tension Testing Lab

Helping industry partners select the ideal material for their unique project, SGS MSi has over three decades’ experience in metallurgical testing, metal failure testing, chemical testing, and mechanical analysis procedures. Industry expertise includes marine, transportation, manufacturing, medical, shipbuilding, construction, and other sectors, and our skilled professionals walk you through all testing processes from start to finish.

SGS MSi Testing is A2LA accredited, and our laboratory quality program is accredited to ISO 17025. To request metal tensile testing and strength testing for your next project, or to request fast turnarounds when you’re in a time crunch, call 708.343.3444 or contact us

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