Fillet Weld Testing

Specializing in weld testing for a range of industries, SGS MSi provides fillet weld testing that determines the quality of any welded joint. Over the course of a weld’s lifetime, it encounters intense loads and fatigue. During bend testing fillet welds, weld joints are forcibly fractured against the weld and inspected for quality. This level of quality assurance is critical to material safety and performance, and our metallurgical engineers have over 30 years’ experience ensuring weld correctness and ruling out material and weld failure. 

For your convenience, SGS MSi also offers many other weld tests. Methods are selected based on your project requirements and budget parameters, and capabilities include:


Fillet Weld Bend Test Shop

SGS MSi is familiar with all ASTM, ANSI, ISO and other industry specifications, and our full-service, high-volume laboratory provides testing for many sectors. Partners include:

  • Aerospace
  • Transportation
  • Construction
  • Manufacturing
  • Marine & shipbuilding
  • Steel
  • Power generation
  • Nuclear
  • Agriculture
  • Medical implants

Assuring that you never miss a deadline due to testing delays, our team of experienced engineers provides expedited turnarounds and unmatched quality control. To request pricing for bend testing fillet welds, or to schedule fillet weld testing in our state-of-the-art facility, call an SGS MSi professional at 708.343.3444 or connect online today!

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