Microstructural analysis testing is used widely throughout industry to evaluate products and materials. Metals have a preferred microstructure obtained by a specified processing or heat treatment to achieve desired material properties.

Microstructural Testing

At SGS MSi, we can perform microstructural testing across the broad spectrum of metals to identify a material’s response to processing, such as heat treatment, welding or mechanical forming, or to evaluate material degradation and failure mechanisms, such as corrosion and creep. Using specified ASTM metallographic sample preparation and our Clemex Image Analysis software, we can provide high magnification inspections from 50X to 1000X. We can perform a wide array of examinations, including grain size determinations, case depth measurement, inclusion ratings, graphite evaluation, phase determination and discontinuity identification. A detailed engineering report will identify the material’s microstructure accompanied with high-resolution digital photographs.

Common Specifications

  • ASTM E3
  • ASTM E112